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Fandoms-ten inch hero/supernatural
Rating/Warnings-R maybe cuz of the m/m. and warning for crappy writing...sorry I hope you like this but the plot bunnies have been rough and cruel and kicking my sorry butt.
Wordcount-574 wow.
Disclaimer-I don't own Ten inch hero or supernatural or jensen *pouts*
Prompt-036-the colors gave me the idea and i'm on a jensen kick.

He was a soldier. A shade among the shadows. He was supposed to stay in the shadows just pass through to the next coordinates. The next hunt. He wasn't supposed to stop at the sub shop. He wasn't supposed to find his attention drawn to the bright colors instead of the hot and flirty waitress.

He was supposed to be drawn to dark clothes, tight clothes, clothes that showed skin and teased about what lay underneath if you were lucky to be the one to uncover them. He wasn't supposed to be drawn to outrageous t-shirts with crazy sayings.

He wasn't supposed to make a scene, yet he couldn't just leave the man get hurt. So while the brightly colored man was caught in a fight he wasn't winning and had no hope of winning Dean had no choice but to interfere. A quick punch to one of the gang's guts had him bent over trying to catch his breath so he could work on the others. It didn't take long before the attackers were on the ground groaning in pain.

Dean turned to the stunned and slightly bleeding man and knelt down in front to stare into bright green eyes, the khol made them seem bright and endless. "Hey you ok man?" When no answer came except a flicker in the wide green eyes. Dean sighed, "Ok now what?"

It was spoken in such a soft voice Dean almost missed the question but after a raised eyebrow the other man spoke again a little louder and clearer. "Why?"

Dean shrugged. "You got a place you can clean up dude?"

"My name is B..Priestly."

Dean nodded. "Ok well Priestly let's get out of here and make sure they didn't do too much damage."

He was only supposed to make sure the dude...Priestly was ok. He wasn't supposed to make cracks on his car until Priestly sat sulking in the Impala directing him to home. He was supposed to help patch up the few wounds and leave. He wasn't supposed to stay and drink beer.

He was a fighter. He moved with poise and finesse. He wasn't supposed to stumble. He wasn't supposed to mash noses first before lips and tongues met in their own duel. He wasn't supposed to moan needily when the pierced lip retreated first.

He was supposed to take the lead, not be led. He was supposed to look down on his lover and make sure everything was ok. That they weren't going too fast or slow, that everything was ok. He wasn't supposed to lay there panting while Priestly showed how good the piercing felt against sweaty heated skin. He wasn't supposed to twist and pull Priestly until he lay under him and trace the tattoos the man had, first with fingers almost revreantly tracing the ink then with lips and tongue tasting each tattoo.

Hands were supposed to stay gripping the sheets as moans fell from his lips, not clutched in the brightly colored hair. In the morning he was supposed to leave. He wasn't supposed to push back into the warm body. He wasn't supposed to think about a future with this man. A sudden movement from the man behind and he rolled over to face him and continue his exploration, this time of the piercings.

He was a soldier. A shade of the shadows. He wasn't supposed to be attracted to bright colors and crazy screenic shirts, but he was.

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Date: 2010-06-28 02:00 am (UTC)
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Oh, that's a whole lot of pretty right there. *g* Dean to the rescue, with bonus aftercare! Lovely.

Thanks for playing at [community profile] slashtheimage! :D


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